Sock Project Explosion!

I’ve turned the heal on Isaiah’s socks and am about an inch or two up the cuff. They will cover his calves.

I went to Black Sheep in Eugene and picked up a lot of sock yarn. I have yarn for socks for Lisa and John as well as myself. I visited my friend Mayling today and the leftover yarn from Isaiah’s socks are the perfect color for her so I’m going to make some little ankle socks for her as well. I don’t yet have yarn for my friend Michael’s socks but live near to Twisted so that shouldn’t be a problem.

There are probably other things to make besides socks but right now making socks feels really good. I think I will stick with it.

Bridges of Portland Quilt and Other Challenges

I just entered the Bridges of Portland Now challenge. So glad the deadline was extended to make it possible.

This is what I wrote about the Steel Bridge:

The Steel Bridge was the first bridge in Portland, but it was rebuilt so it isn’t the oldest. It supports all traffic, trains, cars, pedestrians, bicycles etc but makes no fuss, asks no glory. Among sweeping art nouveau beauties it is a cheerful old Victorian dam wearing black for someone she remembers fondly. It’s my favorite bridge.

Here are the other challenges I am contemplating.