Toe Up Sock Blues: from toe to heel

One of the things I’m doing to get through January grey sky blues is to knit some blue socks. I cast on using Judy’s Magic Cast-On which is really amazing once you get it. Judy’s video showing how is here.  Then it was relaxing series of sittings just knitting in the round.

I just started increasing my gusset and did a series of video searches to find comfort in gussets and heels before deciding to go back to the drawing board with help of a book.  (Gusset video, Heel Extension video, and Heel Flap video.)

The one other pair of socks I had done I didn’t remember making a heel extension so I returned to my first toe up sock book: Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson. My experience was with a plain gusset heel.

My biggest problem with heels is conceptualizing the shape and how it gets made, even if I’ve done it once before. I finally sat down with a sketch book and drew out the socks I am working on. Below is a scan of that drawing. Note that the sock is not to scale and the toe in particular is a lot shorter than the toe on the socks I’m making. I am currently just started on the gusset. Unsurprisingly a sock is a tube with a bulge in it. Stay constant with the top part of the sock and do tricky things to make the heel. Time to go do my increases so I can get to the tricky things while the concept is fresh.

sketch of toe-up sock structure