B is for me. There’s a darling boy out there who calls me “Aunt Bee” because Rebekah was too difficult and so was Beka and so we just kept shortening until his face lit up and he said “Aunt Bee.” His name is Bodhi, so B is also for him.

Undaunted by failure I am diverse in my crafts. I just finished my first Baby Surprise Jacket, a knitting project by author Elizabeth Zimmerman. It didn’t come out quite right so I think I’ll make another. I am currently knitting myself a pair of socks from the toe up, hope to find some yarn soon to make a cowl for myself with, and have a plan to sew a patchwork tote come February.

My mother deserves all credit for my craftiness. I learned to “help” card wool before I went to school. She taught me to sew, crochet, embroider, knit, paint, and cook. We still bond over crafts. A class we took together a few years ago on spinning wool jump started her old love of spinning and now I have beautiful supplies of handspun yarns.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and two cats. I have dreams of a sewing room when we buy our own house. He has dreams of a “man cave.” Odds are we’ll end up in someplace not too much bigger than our apartment and he will continue to usurp the dining table while I crowd the bedroom with sewing machines and yarn. It’s a happy life.

As far as this diary of my crafting goes I hope to update with frequency. Greater frequency on the weekends. Potentially not at all on work days. It’s a grand experiment and we’ll see where it goes together.

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