Bridges of Portland Quilt and Other Challenges

I just entered the Bridges of Portland Now challenge. So glad the deadline was extended to make it possible.

This is what I wrote about the Steel Bridge:

The Steel Bridge was the first bridge in Portland, but it was rebuilt so it isn’t the oldest. It supports all traffic, trains, cars, pedestrians, bicycles etc but makes no fuss, asks no glory. Among sweeping art nouveau beauties it is a cheerful old Victorian dam wearing black for someone she remembers fondly. It’s my favorite bridge.

Here are the other challenges I am contemplating.

Baby Quilt: K

I have at least four babies out in the world that I want to make baby quilts for. I was pushing hard to get one done but was stuck in design phase. Some babies are hard to design for. Sometimes changing gears is the best idea. I shifted to a quilt for my Little Sister‘s toddler. It was easy to choose fabric, easy to choose a pattern (Castles in Spain), and with the help of Gimp, easy to mock up a twin quilt for a big boy:
K's Castles in Spain revised
Yes, imperfections. The finished quilt will have some too.