Iris Tunic: Resize

I reached the point in my Iris Tunic where I was supposed to start decreasing to create a waist. Of course that is when I thought to look at the tunic measurements. Length is 20″ for the longest set of directions. I’m six feet tall. To be a tunic on me it should be at least 22″ so I need to modify the tunic. I’m thinking instead of decreasing the waist now (2″ into the stitching) I will wait an inch and then try to find another spot higher up to add another inch or two. I’m beginning to wish this tunic was top down. Then I could drape it over me and just increase and decrease and keep going until it is long enough. Like toe-up socks. Instead I will guess and hope for the best.

My first sweater is turning into quite the project.


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