Socks: Mistakes as Signatures

If I’m not careful this whole blog will become about making mistakes.

Knitting on the bus, purled my way across a knit in my ribbing. Didn’t notice for two rows. Decided to just do the same (a few rows late) on the other sock and call it a feature. Symmetry is intent.

Iris Tunic: Resize

I reached the point in my Iris Tunic where I was supposed to start decreasing to create a waist. Of course that is when I thought to look at the tunic measurements. Length is 20″ for the longest set of directions. I’m six feet tall. To be a tunic on me it should be at least 22″ so I need to modify the tunic. I’m thinking instead of decreasing the waist now (2″ into the stitching) I will wait an inch and then try to find another spot higher up to add another inch or two. I’m beginning to wish this tunic was top down. Then I could drape it over me and just increase and decrease and keep going until it is long enough. Like toe-up socks. Instead I will guess and hope for the best.

My first sweater is turning into quite the project.

Knitting on Rough Days

Knitting on rough days helps make me feel better. Unfortunately rough days are the days I’m most likely to tug the wrong way and pull the needle out from under twenty stitches. It goes back to knowing what I can fix. Drop twenty stitches in a row? I can fix that. Today? I’ll try again tomorrow.