Iris Tunic: Thoughts Along the Way

I was purling the big circle portion of the Iris Tunic (sides and back) when I thought I’d switch out to the purl that works when I’m carrying yarn behind. The under-over wrap purl is a tighter weave than the over wrap purl that I’ve been using. I had a sudden and strange realization that if I went back and did a swatch using this other method that the swatch would probably come out spot on.

Another decision moment: to unravel the whole thing again or continue with my current mishmash of techniques that is creating something that will fit even if it is a little odd.

Decision points:
1) One of the goals of the Iris Tunic was to make something according to directions and have it come out correct.
2) The yarn cost approximately $100. This is going to be $100 tunic and I want it to look as nice as possible. Boutique nice.
3) I’ve noticed that the yo on the lace show up better if on the next row I “grab” the carry yarn when knitting above the yo vs when I set up for a grab atop the yo. (This will make more sense when I document how I’m carrying yarn.) The point being I could be more consistent in creating better yarn overs (yo) from the first row rather than from the seventh row of lace.
4) I’m only an inch and a half in.
5) I am already an inch and a half in.
6) Maybe it’s time to make a little swatch to test my theory.


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