Continental Purl: Two Ways

Starting over on the Iris Tunic is going very well. I just finished the first sixteen stitches of purple knitting wrapping the green behind. When I started the purl portion with wrapping the purple behind I was again frustrated with the twisted stitches that resulted from purling and wrapping. I had told myself I could accept the funny texture and maybe even mentally sell it as artistic. Then I started thinking about twisted stitches and remembered a class I took where the instructor thought my method of purling was strange (self taught) and couldn’t understand why it didn’t twist. On an average day it doesn’t twist but perhaps this was the moment when I should purl the other way.

Purling two ways? One way, the way I’d been doing, is an over-wrap and the other is an under-over wrap. I still don’t know how other people purl. Most purling I’ve seen is done English style. I learn conceptually, a combination of seeing, doing and thinking. Some times it means I learn quicker and some times it means I learn very slow.

The result? I purled wrapping under-over and the twisting while carrying purple yarn behind went away. I proceeded to lurp (like tink or backwards knit but backwards purl instead) out all the stitches to the purple and begin again.

Anyway, here are some pictures to try and describe what I mean about the purl methods.

Wrap Over Purl
wrap over purl

Wrap Under-Over Purl
wrap under over purl


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