Tearing It All Out: Iris Tunic

There are knitters who will tear out every stitch and knitters who won’t. I inherited my desire to start over from scratch from my Mother. She amazes her friends with the beautiful projects she unwinds.

Last night I went to work on the Iris Tunic and decided to start from scratch. There were things I learned in the making of it that I wanted to implement from the start. After I pulled it off the circular needles I also found out it was way too big around. Sometimes I think I will never find peace with swatches. Nothing that is tall enough is wide enough. I will follow the pattern for two sizes smaller yet do the height for the size I was working with. If I don’t like it I can always tear it all out later.

Here is a picture of me with the inch and a half of tunic that I had finished. Way too big around.
Iris Tunic meets its demise


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