Ribbing My Blue Socks

blue socks in progressSome time after writing my blog post yesterday I realized that I wanted to work on my socks and remembered that changing yarn is only conceptually scary but not too bad when push comes to shove. The result was I went ahead and switched yarns and started in on my cuffs. To the left is a picture of the socks so far, so near done.

For those who are curious, the little plastic safety pins are what I call “thinking markers.” The one near the toe of the sock marks the starting point for the circle. That way I know when I am at one round and when I am at one and a half rounds. The marker on the sole was to make identifying sole side verses instep side almost blindingly obvious. And finally, the marker on the heel was where I started increasing my heel so I could mark progress. Like many thinking markers these are particular to me and what I want to remember at the time I place the marker.

Since this sock project has always been about knitting a basic pair of socks except for the toe and cuff color change the ribbing I chose for the cuff is simple. It’s a knit two, purl two basic rib. When I first switched colors I decided to knit one row plain before beginning the ribbing. I’m really happy I made that choice because the ribbing has lifted the row before.

A close up below shows what I mean. Basically I may have started ribbing on the second row but the first row looks ribbed. Since I wanted the texture change and color change to happen at the same time this is perfect. Also below is a picture of Linus, my older cat, sitting on the Sock Knitter’s Handbook and glaring at me for using the camera’s flash.

In both of the pictures that aren’t close-ups it’s also possible to see my yarn bag. My mother actually had this revolutionary thought to use make-up bags for small yarn projects. Just zip the yarn in and pull from the side. It works really well. This particular one was a free give-away from Clinique for buying a certain amount of make-up. Mom kindly gave it to me when I couldn’t find one I liked as well just shopping. While the yarn does occasionally loop into the zipper pull it’s very easy to get out. I’ve never had problems with the zipper eating the yarn and four balls of sock yarn or two balls and a very nearly finished pair of socks fit just right.

close up of ribbing on sock in progress
Linus curled up on the handbook


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