Iris Tunic: Swatch of Green

As part of my new approach to swatches I knit a swatch that both measures gauge and explores how the yarn reacts to the lace pattern. I cast on to 10 stitches of reverse stockinette stitch, 16 for the left lace pattern, and then 5 stitches of reverse stockinette stitch to frame the lace.

The gauge is 20 stitches by 26 rows. The desired gauge is 22 stitches by 27 rows. I used a #4 needle. I think I need to switch up to #5. I don’t think the increase in size will create any gaps given the tightness of the swatch stitches.

The lace pattern came out nice. I’m somewhat tempted to skip a second swatch, just move up to the next size needle and get started on the tunic itself.
what the pattern looks like swatch
gauge for that swatch


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