Socks and Legs

My toe-up socks are at the point where they stretch a bit to get around my calves. They will probably be knee high or just over the knee high. I’ve been thinking about tubes and legs that are not tubes. While I don’t have huge calves (like this knitter who also thought about tubes vs calves) I do wonder at what point I should think about increasing a little.

My husband, who likes tube socks, said the advantage of tube socks is they grip your calves and don’t fall down. It’s a pretty good argument. Another argument against making shapely socks is that if they do slouch a little you end up with a double calf effect.

Given the horrors induced at the idea of having double calves (which are reminiscent of double chins and other double things I don’t want) I am going to make a tube leg on these socks.

Now I just have to decide when to start ribbing… Maybe I’ll stay bland and just rib the last two to three inches like I imagine a normal person would do.

The picture is from the other night. Some progress has been made since then.

socks have reached my calves


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