Projects Past: Baby Surprise Jacket

I felt like posting. Made it to work, made some progress this evening on my socks. The socks are now nearly calf high and I took a picture to show the decision point where I start thinking about ribbing or increasing or something or nothing. I’m in the back bedroom though and wifi is so slow the picture upload to Flickr kept timing out.

Instead here’s a chance to look at a picture I uploaded last month after finishing my first baby surprise jacket. This is our younger cat Pirate trying to figure out how long I’m going to make her wear the sweater. I had finished the jacket but was feeling anxious about whether or not it would fit a tot. I figured my cat wasn’t too different than a one year old so I put the sweater on her and it fit so I stopped worrying. It’s always nice to have an easy test to pass that allows me to stop worrying.

The baby surprise jacket was a fun project. I had no real reason to make the jacket. I chose to make it because the pattern sounded interesting, my mother & all her friends were making them which would lead to some fun project comparing, and also it felt like a milestone project in skill building. As if having made a baby surprise jacket I graduated to intermediate knitting. Which is strange because I think that’s the level most people would have put me at after my first pair of socks. Everyone measures differently. I went up a level when I did this jacket. Though turning a heel was also a graduation moment.

Anyway, without a reason to knit the baby surprise jacket I chose to make one up. Not the cat, a friend’s toddler. After finishing the sweater though it felt really small in the neck. Much smaller than the pictures of other people’s necks. Hence the cat torture and self reassurance.

I think my next personal graduation project will be a sweater for myself. A big person sweater.

kitten in a baby surprise jacket


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