Stitch Definition

I was searching for a nice little project for the leftover yarn from my cowl, maybe a headband or matching cap, when I came across a phrase that suddenly made everything make sense.  “Must have good stitch definition.”  That’s it!  That’s the phrase for why the lace in my cowl is more texture than lace. The yarn I have does not have good stitch definition.

The phrase itself is very clear but I would have never thought of it myself. My excitement is partially that now I can say to others (or myself) “Does this yarn have good stitch definition? I plan on making lace.” The other half of my excitement is knowing why my cowl turned out so unlacey.

On the topic of unlacey I was perusing one of the blogs of someone who liked one of my posts and found the neatest post about swatches. Not really gauge swatches but just “get to know you” swatches. It made me realize that I should have done a lace swatch on the cowl to see how the yarn felt about the lace pattern.

Go read and enjoy a different way of looking at swatches.


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