Finding Patterns in Patterns and Directions

My favorite part in directions is the part where the book (or pdf or whatever) says “Continue in this manner until…” It implies a certain base understanding has been achieved. I am not longer following by rote but I am also no longer thinking because the thinking has been done and the doing can begin. I wonder if this is how ice skating feels for some people.

I turned the gusset heel of my sock. Instead of the directions I think about patterns, concepts, the way of the sock. Having increased on the sides to a size that will cup my heel I knitted to the middle of the sole of the sock and then two more. Then I decreased, ssk like a swoosh, knit one and turn. To provide continuity and join the heal turn to the sock I then slip one and purl (seven because that’s a nice not too pointy heel), p2tog (swoosh), purl one and turn. Slip one for togetherness, knit eight (one more than seven), ssk (swoosh), knit one and turn.

I’m gaining speed, look at the directions less. Slip one for togetherness, purl nine (one more than eight, and look purls are odd and knits are even), p2tog (swoosh), purl one and turn. Slip one, knit ten, ssk (swoosh), knit one and turn. Start not being able to count how far I’ve gone. But does it matter? It doesn’t. Odd, even, that’s all interesting but the tactile experience says that I decrease (p2tog or ssk or swoooosh) where there’s a gap, tightly clasping one of the gusset stitches before placing that single stitch like a full stop or a period and turning. Then I imagine I’m ice skating a zig zag where I gather speed, come to a stop with a swoosh and a flurry of sprayed ice, take a single step and then turn to zag (or zig), going further and further each time. It’s no longer count count count, obey, it’s a dance, a fluid laughing grasping one for togetherness dance.

The sock is going well, though not as quickly as my imagination would tell it. I should be done with the right heel soon and then ready to pull the left sock onto the needles with right sock hanging in the round. Once the heels are done it’ll be circles and circles of self striping knits until I switch out for my solid color and rib a cuff. Another week and these socks will be done. I’d say sooner but there are plenty of life things like work and whatnot to fill my time and take me away from my knitting.


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