Knitting Lace and Talking to Myself

I was knitting lace on the bus and realized I couldn’t tell if I was talking aloud or just thinking loudly. If you were sitting next to me this is what you would have heard:

“knit one, (pause), knit two, (pause), one two three four knit, slip, slip, slip, slip, and (pause) knit (pause)… knit one, (pause), knit two…”

The pauses are my yarn-overs (yo), the count of one through four is sliding stitches onto my right needle followed by a knit which I then slip those four stitches over.

As a memory tool it’s really only good for me. On some level I have a complex formula in my head that involves things like “after every knit there is a yo” and it allows me to skip certain words. I’ve knit, so there’s a yarnover. It’s a rule for this lace. All I have to remember as a result is the pattern outside of the rule – how many knits and slips.

Some sleepy part of me is now contemplating how to write mathematical equations for lace patterns. What are the rules? What are the variables?  A fun future project for when I’m less sleepy.  For now I have three rows of just plain knitting before I have to think about lace again.


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