To Infinity and Beyond

There are certain things that feel infinite. Knitting the 3×3 ribbing of my cowl for example. I keep inching (or milimetering) forward on it but now that I’m past “wow it’s not just a few rows” and am somewhere between three and five inches it just feels like no progress is being made. Perhaps I’m an enchanted princess in a tower doomed to knit 3×3 ribbing in circles for all eternity or until my knight in shining armor gets off the computer and comes to rescue me.

Socks aren’t quite as bad as this because the circle is so small, half the size of the cowl, that the turning goes quickly. Plus there’s a sense of up and down, top and bottom, instep and sole. Two at a time even gives me left and right, right and left. The cowl just circles like a hawk or a buzzard. Maybe that’s why they said put a marker at the beginning. It could have been a kind psychological tool that I stupidly thought I could do without.

I’m really looking forward to the lace. Then instead of infinite circles trying to reach a certain width (who knows how many it will take!) I will be completing little snippets of lace pattern. Each little repetition of the lace pattern will be its own success. I love little successes. Hey I woke up today! Good job. Got dressed? How fantastic! Worked an eight hour day turning in projects and contributing to my workplace? Superstar! Like those stickers the teachers used to put on my homework.

Oddly enough other rewards don’t work with me. I can have a piece of chocolate if I… yummy chocolate. Stickers with words, though, now that gets me!

Richard Scarry worm says well done


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