Accepting Imperfections: Woodland Berry Cowl

It was a gorgeous day outside today so I took the bus to the Lan Su Chinese Gardens and knit in the sun. When living in an apartment the city itself becomes a backyard and the garden is part of mine.

Knitting while on the move involves a lot of picking up and putting down a project. The worry presented in the pattern was twisting the cast on and ending up with a mobius shape. What actually happened was I went in reverse a couple of times so a small portion of the cowl is a few rows more than the rest. When I discovered the error most of the circle of 3×3 ribbing had five rows but part had seven.

I tried tinking back to the spot. Tinking is a kind of un-knitting or knitting stitches off.  Knit and tink, clever naming on that knitter’s part. Anyway I got back to the spot where the change happened and found out it had occurred a few rows back. For just a moment I contemplated tearing the whole thing out. Fortunately I contemplated it aloud and my husband was there to talk me down from the ledge.

“Nothing is going to be absolutely perfect but it can still be amazing.” Can you tell that my marriage is going to be a great success? Or at least amazing?

The pattern calls for five inches of 3×3 ribbing (knit 3, purl 3, repeat) in a circle. Already at an inch it is really hard to tell where the extra rows are.

a finished inch of my woodland berry cowl


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