Mistakes and Opportunities: Dropping A Stitch

Working on my socks while out and about I dropped a stitch. Mistakes like these can send knitters into a frenzy. I stuck a needle through the little loop and said to myself “this will have to wait until I get home where there’s a crochet hook.”

Fixing mistakes is a whole skill set. The great thing about knitting and sewing is there are so many ways to fix mistakes without starting over. Sure, cutting a pattern piece wrong can cause some issues but really the standard approach seems to be “how can I fix this?” not “time to throw it away.”

A dropped stitch creates a ladder of strands where the stitches are missing. Take a crochet hook and hook each rung of the ladder through the previous rung starting with the little hoop of the stitch where it ended up. Get to the top, loop the last ladder onto the knitting needle and YES! it’s fixed!

I took a class at Twisted called “Tink, Drop, Frog: How do I fix this?” I still haven’t taken any knitting classes about “how to” but I love taking “how to undo” classes. Consider that learning to undo allows me to experiment because I am confident in my own ability to fix things.

The best part about gaining confidence in fixing things is it sort of requires making mistakes in the first place. So dropping a stitch suddenly became an opportunity to practice crocheting up the ladder. After all, if I don’t make those mistakes I’ll never become an expert fixer!

[Speaking of mistakes, I just noticed that the time zone on this blog is off. I’m in Portland, Oregon (UTC-8) and it was set for eight hours ahead of me. From here on everything will be Pacific time. Not going to go back and fix the old posts though. Part of being an expert fixer is knowing what’s worth fixing!]


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